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A trend that is catching up with the world is a new kind of pool known as swim spas. These are compact versions of lap pools which have jets with adjustable current control and resistance that can be controlled at the touch of a button.


Use of swim spas


You can use these swim spas for advanced swimming workouts by adjusting the controls according to your needs. The strong jets, that it comes equipped with, create a sort of swirling current, allowing you to have a proper workout in a considerably smaller space. Ensure that you keep the temperature low while working out in the swim spa as higher temperatures can be uncomfortable and can tire your body easily. Temperatures between 78 and 82 degrees are recommended for swimming sessions.

Most of these swim spas that exist in the market are like spas, as the latter portion of the name suggests. Once you are done with your workout with cooler water, you can start up the adjustable jets and direct these massaging hydro-jets to your tired and overworked muscles to help you relax and rejuvenate. Temperatures between 98 and 102 degrees are ideal for your hot-tub hydrotherapy.


Some swim spa models are equipped with a partition that can be removed, allowing one person to workout while the other person uses it for taking a hot dip.



Advantages of swim spas


One of the reasons for the rising popularity of swim spas is the fact that they don’t take up a lot of space, and use less water than average pools. Typical dimensions of a swim spa are around 13-20 feet in length, about 6-8 feet in width, and about 4-5 feet in depth. This makes them much smaller compared to a swimming pool and only 2 times as long as the average spa. The smaller size also means that they are easier to maintain. It is very versatile as it can be used interchangeably as a swimming area as well as a hot tub or spa. It also doesn’t require you to dig out a hole in your backyard and can be used year round. They can also be designed to compliment your home’s architecture while incorporating it into your backyard.


Get your own swim spa


If the concept of swim spas has appealed to your senses, contact your local spa dealer and try out swim spas at a family member’s or friend’s house, and then decide if you want t invest in this versatile option instead of getting a swimming pool or a hot tub.




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