Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Sky Pool In London

Now this is a really new and interesting concept, the sky pool, a floating swimming pool that actually floats in the air. The sky pool was developed for the London based company Homes And Property at the Embassy Gardens in London. The pool sky was designed to be suspended between two buildings ten stories high. The pool has a length of 90 foot and is essentially the size of an Olympic sized swimming pool.


The designers of this sky pool designed it to have a glass bottom so that anybody swimming in the pool could feel like they in the sky as opposed to swimming. The aim is to make any swimmers have the sensation that they are floating in air, ten stories above the ground. Just imagine the view people have before they actually decide to take a swim in the sky pool. That would be one spectacular view from the pool, and it would a different perspective for anybody that swam underneath the surface.


The view would seem even more impressive on a hot sunny summer’s day, and people that are warm, or that are working hard could easily get jealous of any swimmers in the sky pool, who they could see due to the pool having a glass bottom and sides.


In affect the sky pool acts as a bridge between the two buildings that it is hung between. It would a different way of crossing from one building to the other, and a nice way of doing so on a sunny day. Should anyone do that they would need a towel and dry clothes on the other side.


This looks to be a really breathtaking and original idea, and one that would make passers by take a closer look in the gap between high-rise office next time you go walking in London.

sky pool in london