Summer becomes better if you own your swimming pool as refreshment becomes a one step out of your house then dip yourself in cool water. Once you decide on making your own oasis with your pool, consider picking the right pool design. Some of the latest trends on designs in 2017 include:


Vanishing edges

Such pools are mostly seen in luxurious resorts. If such fancy pool look has been your dream, 2017 trends have it for you. Such pools are found in such expensive resorts as they give a very fabulous waterfall look as one pool side is shortened such that water spills into an underneath basin catch. They are the best options for backyards with fabulous views. The installation cost of such a pool is quite high so be ready to break your account for this pool type at your home.

Beach-like feel

This new trend allows you to have a beach feeling in your backyard. Such pools with beach entry, resemble ocean entrance as there floor is sloped. This allows you to get into the pool without the need of stairs. This is highly recommended for families with kids or disabled people to allow for their easy entrance and exit safely. Your old swimming pool can be upgraded to this as you only need to upgrade you pool design using sand to create the beach effect. In addition to the design is a tanning ledge that is a shallow section for children play or for sunbathing. To make the pool look extra luxurious, be more creative on decorations such as decorative lighting as well as fancy tiling.

Small pools

In case of a small backyard, you can now enjoy splash in your home. For such small yards, best solutions are good plunge pools, spools or swim spa. Plunge pools give a refreshing dip and also allows you to play with kids or friends. To maximize usage of the small backyard space, consider installing a spool which is larger compared to a spa but smaller than normal pool. This will keep you col in hotter months and warmer in cold months.

Eco-friendly pools

These are the pools that do not require chlorine or chemicals for its cleaning. It uses sand filters and plants that keep the pool free from bacteria and clean. The design is either the standard pool design or pod-like design but either, allows you enjoy very eco-friendly dip. If working on a budget, such natural pools are the perfect choice for you as they are less costly.

Ledge loungers

This pool trend is an addition on the former ledges such that the ledges are curved beautifully and are resistant to UV. The furniture is kept in water such that as you get the sun warmth, you get a simultaneous cleaning by the water.


Having a swimming pool at your backyard has a lot of advantages. This include the fact that you can enjoy morning and evening sun from your home, swim anytime and most important keep an eye on your kids whenever they are swimming. Therefore, consider going through the latest trends to choose the best for your backyard and give the family the best oasis enjoyable by everyone.