Last Updated on January 21, 2022

Caring for your pool involves more than just covering it and forgetting it during the colder months. This is actually very bad for your pool because it needs attention all year round to stay in optimal condition and to avoid costly damages. These seasonal tips below can help you take the best care of your pool for the whole year.

Taking Care of Your Pool For All Seasons


As the sun starts to stay out during the day, you start thinking about opening up your pool. Spring is the best time to trim back any trees and foliage that got overgrown to clean up your yard and reduce the chances of any foliage getting into your pool. Uncover the patio furniture and clean it up to make sure all decks and walkways are clear of debris that may end up in the water. Once the year and furniture are clean, you can remove the pool cover. Make sure you get all collected water and debris from the cover first and make sure it is completely dry before storing it. Now it is time to start cleaning your pool. You must always buy new pool cleaning supplies as old cleaners can be toxic for you and your pool.


Maintaining your pool over the summer months needs to be a priority and needs to be done regularly through the season. Make sure your pool chemistry is balanced before use and regularly check this all summer. If you ever unsure about the chemical balance, take a sample to your local pool retailer for testing. Perform regular maintenance, cleaning, testing, and equipment checks and be sure to keep the yard and surrounding area clear of debris.


The autumn days may be warm enough for pool use but you will have to pay closer attention to falling leaves. When this gets to be excessive, take this as a sign to get the pool covered back up. Skimmer baskets will keep leaves and debris from clouding your pool because it is important to keep as much debris as possible from getting into the pool equipment. The fall is the best time to consider getting your pool covered and is also a great time for any remodelling or upgrades that you may want. If the weather is still warm enough to enjoy your pool, keep up with maintenance and water testing until you cover the pool.


The coldest months of the year are when you need to cover your pool. Make sure all pH and acidity levels are in balance and drain any water from the pool heater, filter and pump to prevent any of them from freezing. Drain the water in your pool to between 4 and 6 inches below the skimmer and cover your pool. Throw out any unused chemicals, since you will need to buy all new ones for the next season.

Your pool is the best place to relax, have fun with the family, and host events so you want to make sure your pool stays in optimal condition all year. Just because pools are more popular during the summer doesn’t mean you can ignore them the rest of the year. Any neglect during the off seasons can jeopardize your safety and fun when it is time to get that cover off and dive in.