With the warm weather, people are out to enjoy their swimming pools. After all, this is the perfect way to cool off, especially on a sweltering summer day. However, pools also pose risks to individuals without the right barriers. This is where pool fences come in.

Pool fences serve as a means to prevent accidents and drownings from taking place, which is why this is an essential addition to any property with a swimming pool. There are many types of pool fences, but one of the emerging trends in the industry is no holes fencing.

Learn more about no holes fencing here. With this option, you get the best of both worlds by not only preventing accidental drowning, but also keeping your swimming pool area a thing of beauty to look at from every angle.

Get to Know More About No Holes Fencing

Not much is known about no holes fencing and understandably so, particularly when this has been a relative newcomer in the pool fencing industry. Simply put, no holes fencing is a type of pool fencing that does not require holes to be drilled onto the pool deck.

The approach of no holes fencing is different from the traditional fencing we have come to know in the past, which requires drilling onto the pool deck and needs professional installation most of the time.

The goal of no holes pool fences is the same as traditional pool fencing: to protect and prevent accidents from happening in the first place. It works by preventing drowning and from people, especially children, from wandering into your pool without adult supervision.

How It Works

No holes pool fences work by providing safety and protection to people. However, instead of the traditional pool fencing which requires drilling, this option does not. Instead, no holes pool fences stand on bases that are filled with water to ensure a sturdier base that’s difficult to move.

The bases are then connected with one another throughout the perimeter of the pool area. The combined weight of these bases makes it virtually immovable as a unit, particularly for a child or a pet that wanders in.

Once all the bases are connected and in place, the fencing material is then secured onto the poles and panels. This is held by safety latches.

No Holes Poo FenceBenefits of No Holes Fencing

No Damages on Your Deck

One of the main benefits that come with using no holes fencing is that there will be no damage to your deck. This is perfect for homeowners that want to keep the pristine condition of their home or for renters who don’t want to make permanent changes to the property, something which their landlord may not exactly agree on.

No holes pool fences are a great alternative. Besides being easy to set up, these won’t do any damage to your space, preserving its integrity. This will come in useful if you decide you no longer need it in the future as your kids grow up or when you decide to sell your property.

Offer Unparalleled Flexibility

In relation to the previous point, you have full control over these no holes fences and use them as you wish. This means you can take this down anytime you want, more so when there are no children or pets around to watch over.

While pool fences are ideal to have all throughout the year, you can remove this when you want to open up and enjoy your pool, particularly when there are all-adult gatherings. Since you can install and assemble the said pool fences, you have flexibility at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

What’s more, you can readily assemble this on just about any type of surface. Whether it be concrete, a wooden pool deck, grass, or mulch, among others, this fencing system will stand well wherever you put it.

Offers Safety and Security

The goal of the No Holes Pool Fence, like other pool fences, is to provide protection. It’s worth noting that this particular pool fence system helps in preventing accidents and reduces the risk of drowning.

With its tight-knit mesh paneling, you no longer have to fear kids or pets falling into the pool. As a matter of fact, they can no longer climb or squeeze through it, giving you the peace of mind you need knowing those near and dear to you are safe at all times.


One of the determining factors that lead people to choose pool fencing materials is whether or not they’ll weather the elements. With no holes fencing, you won’t have to worry about rust or deterioration as these can withstand even the harshest conditions all year round. The bases are highly commendable as it doesn’t move.

In the event you’re worried about the wind blowing through or the bad weather simply persists, you can easily take out the mesh panels. Even maintenance is a breeze since you can wash this with a hose or wipe it down and you’re good to go.

Shows the Beauty of Your Property

As mentioned, no holes pool fences are made with sturdy yet fine mesh material. This gives you unobstructed views of your property and its surroundings and see whatever happens in your pool even when you’re far away.

The Affordable Option

One of the main appeals of getting no holes fencing compared to traditional pool fences which require drilling holes is the affordability. No holes pool fences are much more cost-effective. It has highly competitive pricing starting around $26per foot. Plus, with no professional installation or drilling required, you can say goodbye to hefty labor fees.

The Bottom Line

The appeal of no holes fencing lies in its versatility and its numerous benefits. Not only is this a great way to show off the beauty of your pool and its surroundings, but you can also keep it safe and secure at the same time. Make sure to consider the No Holes Pool Fence if you want to install a fence around your pool soon.