Last Updated on August 14, 2017


One of the most enjoyable activities is swimming in your own home pool. Children love the water and will try for any opportunity to enjoy its brilliance. For those parents and grandparents who feel concerned about children and pool safety, there are several things to consider. You must first consider pool cleaning tools and also safety when taking that dive.


There are several pool cleaning tools that are fully automated, including the robotic pool cleaner. This robotic tool can clean the pool in one to two hours, completely. Whether the pool is in-ground or above ground, this equipment is more than proficient at cleaning. With suction bottom, the rover removes dirt, algae and debris from the pool, leaving the water crystal clear.There are several different versions of the automated pool cleaning tool. The robotic system can be large or small, depending on the size of your pool.


One special above ground pool cleaner is the Hurriclean automatic. This automated tool is hands free and hook directly up to the pool skimmer. This one removes larger particles such as twigs and heavy dirt.There are other automated tools for pool cleaning that may be viewed more as accessories. There are drain covers and filtration systems that work well with existing cleaning equipment.


Keeping the pool clean is very important, but keeping it safe is just as important or more. The best quality pool fence will be needed to keep children from swimming without adult supervision.There are ordinary gates which work well enough, but these gates can habitually be left open. This is the reason why self closing gates are the best choice hands down. The self-closing gates works with the use of a magnetic strip which pulls the open gates closed. Even if you forget to close off the pool area, the gate will latch by itself.


self closing pool gate


Not only is it important to keep the pool clean for those hot summer days, but safety is also a prime concern. Mother, grandmothers-you can now breathe easy. With the right accessories, your family can swim in peace.