Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Pool activity is often thought of as leisurely or relaxing.  Blissfully floating on an inflatable mat while sipping iced lemonade certainly can be. What is not as well known is that some of the best exercises can also be performed in a pool.  Various aspects of water exercises allow them to be performed easier but with better results.  When performed on a regular basis, these exercises are a great way to obtain thinner thighs.  As most people swim or wade with others, the pool is an ideal location to exercise in a social and fun atmosphere.  Young kids can especially be part of the fun, and they can exercise as well – maybe without even knowing it!

Water helps to buffer your weight, making you feel lighter while you are in the pool.  This feeling of lightness can help you move easier if you are obese or carry extra weight.  In addition, the water buffering helps to ease the impact on your joints.  Any exercise that is low impact on joints is important as you age or have joint-related issues. Thus, exercises are great for grandparents and the elderly.

Water provides resistance with even the most basic of exercises.  Your muscles receive a better workout with less effort because the resistance assists with building muscle.  The resistance from the water also results in a stronger cardio workout as well, leading to a strengthening of your heart.  Different exercises can be performed that specifically work to thin your thighs.  These include:

  • Jumping in place
  • Jogging in place
  • Leg swings
  • Leg kicks
  • Side steps


All of the above exercises are intended to be performed in shallow enough water that your head and shoulders are above the water.  Some of these exercises can or should be performed while holding the edge of the pool as well.  Because water exercises can be performed with less effort than traditional on-land exercises, and because they are often performed in a social atmosphere, these exercises are ideal.  When performed consistently, they are a great way to work toward thinning your thighs.

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