Last Updated on April 19, 2017

top apps for toddlers


This is a list of the top 10 mobile games for toddlers.

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Baby’s Musical Hands – This application is great for those toddlers who like to tap and poke at your phone all the time. The app turns your phone’s screen into a brightly lit soundboard. Allowing your toddler to enjoy up to 15 different sounds from various instruments, by clicking on different places on the screen. Great app for entertaining your little ones.



Busy Shapes – Busy Shapes is a virtual shape learning and exploration playground. This app gives kids the chance to see what shapes are, how they interact with the rest of the world, and they affect their surroundings. This application is great for kids still learning about spatial orientation.



Duckie Deck Collection – DDC is a cute little app for parents looking to give their kids a nice blend of fun and learning. In this app are 6 different activities for kids to enjoy and learn from. Including cleaning, picking fruit, feeding animals. While learning the names and jobs associated with all of them. A great app for toddlers.



Peekaboo Wild – Using the concept of peek-a-boo in a storybook setting, Peekaboo Wild teaches kids the names of animals in both english and spanish. The app is interactive and is meant to teach while also having fun.



Five Little Monkeys – This app is based on the old story and sing along nursery rhyme “Five Little Monkeys”. The application is here to give kids a little bit of slapstick humor while also giving them things to tap on, and words on the screen to sing along to. Perfect for car rides or a quick playtime.



Eli Explorer – Eli Explorer is a wonderful app for parents who want to teach their kids in more than one language. By having kids complete simple activities and then linking them to certain stimuli, kids can learn a variety of simple words and phrases in several different languages.



Moo, Baa, La la la – Moo, Baa is an app with a storybook setting and lots of tappable content. Kids can hear the story with or without narration, and can hear each word spoken by just tapping on it. This is a great app for kids to learn how certain words sound and how to begin putting together simple sentences.



Music Sparkles – Music Sparkles is a music application with a lot to offer. This app has 12 different sounds with 3 instruments. The real kicker with this app however, is the fact that all the instruments designed to sounds like the instruments are meant to. This can really help kids if they decide that music is something they would like to concentrate on in the future.



Nighty Night HD – Nighty Night HD is the perfect app for parents who are trying to instill bedtimes with their little ones. With NNHD kids get to turn out the lights for houses and barns, then get to go inside the house or barn and put each animal to bed. This app is meant to help kids getting used to bed at a certain time through stimulus such as soothing music and parallel themes.



Pat the Bunny – This app is based upon the book by the same name. It is presented in a storybook fashion, and can be read with or without narration. This app also contains a coloring book for kids to do once they’ve finished the story. Another great app for quick trips out.