Last Updated on February 10, 2021


It’s said that having children is like having your heart walk around outside your body. It’s true, and a pretty nerve-wracking experience for many parents, as there are an abundance of things around us that can harm or even end that precious life. Preschoolers are at that stage of being mobile enough and curious enough to get into everything. Every home with preschoolers should have these top 10 safety items to help keep little ones safe.


Home Security System

A home security system that can be monitored remotely is the number one safety item your home should have. A quality system allows you to install sensors on doors and windows, including the doors to cabinets you don’t want your child getting into. With video monitoring you can check on your child anytime from the next room, across town or even if you are away on business.


Pool Fence

A climb-resistant pool fence is an absolute must for any home with preschoolers. Since pools have a magnetic attraction for kids, it is critical to ensure that your children can not easily get into your pool area. A pool fence is often the difference between life or death.

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Safety Gates

Falls are one of the top causes of injuries amongst preschoolers. Safety gates can prevent those falls. Every staircase should have a safety gate preventing unaccompanied children from falling down them. Even if a door prevents access to the staircase, install a gate so that if the door is left open, disaster doesn’t happen. If you have a fireplace, consider putting a gate around it also.


Door Guards

In addition to dead bolts on all your exterior doors, you should install door guards on the upper part of these doors. Door guards are simply swing bar locks that prevent a door from being opened much more than an inch. By installing them high on the door, adults can reach them, but children who have mastered opening the main lock, cannot. This ensures your child cannot get out of your home unsupervised.


Cabinet Latches

Almost every cabinet has something that can be dangerous to your preschoolers. Quickly installed and inexpensive cabinet latches can ensure that your children do not have access to the contents of your cabinets. Remember to test the latches regularly, especially on high use cabinets, as they can become ineffective with repeated use.


Furniture Tip Restraints

Attach furniture to the wall using furniture tip restraints for any item your child could possibly climb. Any furniture over the height of 30” tall is a guideline that is often given. Refrain from putting heavy objects like TVs on high furniture to avoid serious harm to your child, in case the item does tip.


Window Guards

Window guards are extremely important if you have a home that is more than one story. By installing these guards on the window, you ensure that your child is not going to be able to open the window and get out without you.


Blind Cord Holder

Small children are at risk of strangulation from the cords on blinds. By installing a blind cord holder, you are effectively removing that risk. Cords will be up and out of the way, so that little ones can’t get to them.


Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are another inexpensive way to make your home safer for preschoolers. Cover all outlets that are easily accessible to your children, so that the temptation to stick something in them is gone. Electrocution injuries are amongst the easiest to prevent.


Oven Lock

Burns are another leading cause of injury amongst preschoolers that are very preventable. An oven lock is a useful, inexpensive safety gadget that can keep curious kids from getting into a hot spot.


Depending on the nature and interests of your child, you may also want to look into items like a toilet lock, fridge lock, TV guards and other home safety devices. Children are born to explore and discover. A well protected home will let them do that without risk of harm.




Author Bio: Suzanne Turcotte is a mother of preschoolers who is always looking for the best way to keep them safe from themselves. She writes for a variety of websites, including Los Angeles Home Security provider Safe Choice Security.