Last Updated on April 19, 2017


The online world may have opened up a whole new area of danger to children, but at the same time, apps for smartphones have been created to help parents keep them safe. Such apps are a great thing to have because parents have enough about which to worry when it comes to the safety of their own. All the ones described below are for the iPhone, and all are available for free, unless otherwise indicated.


DialSafe Pro

This is a great app to have if your child is just learning how to use a smartphone, or if you are just beginning to trust him enough to leave him at home alone when you go shopping. With DialSafe Pro, he or she can learn how to dial 911 and to remember his own and other important phone numbers. The app also helps kids to practice what to say in case a stranger calls.


FBI Child ID

Here is an app that has actually been endorsed by the FBI. It enables you to create an FBI profile for each of your children — physical description, height, weight and so on, plus a picture — in case one of them goes missing. There are also tips about what to do if such a thing happens suddenly.


Offender Locator

With this app, you can check to see what registered sex offenders, if any, live or have operated in your community or the one in which you are thinking of living. You can also check on specific people. The price is 99¢.



Our final app is for the iOS system and can turn your smartphone into a home security camera that can monitor activity around the house, such as when your child comes in through the front door.

If any of these apps had existed back in 1966, the mysterious case of the Beaumont children might have been solved in no time.