Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Keeping children busy is proving to be more and more difficult. You finally think you have cracked it, then after five minutes you hear the words “I’m bored”. It seems like mission impossible; however there are times whereby you simply need to keep your children occupied. One of the most important times is when you are doing chores. After all, if you don’t find anything for your children to do then they will definitely be going around the house and looking to cause mayhem.

Luckily there is a fantastic range of free online games available on the internet. Your children can play anything from Ben 10 games online to Scooby Doo games. This is assured to keep them entertained for hours on end. This article reveals seven of the best online games your children will enjoy playing whilst in your absence.


Candy Machine

Candy Machine is a game containing the popular cartoon characters Ed, Edd and Eddy. In the cartoon the three boys are followed as they come up with innovative and sometimes devious methods of obtaining their favourite candy; gobstoppers. The Candy Machine game is no different. Your child will have a box of pipe pieces and they will need to organise them properly so that the gobstopper travels to the bucket Ed, Edd and Eddy are holding.

Cannonbolt Strikes

There are lots of Ben 10 games online to play, however Cannonbolt Strikers is a favourite amongst many. This is a game that requires concentration and precision. This means it is often one of those games that are played again and again. Essentially, in this game your child will play Ben 10. The popular cartoon character is inside a cannonball and your child will need to manoeuvre Ben 10 around whilst avoiding the drop, avoiding enemies, and picking up diamonds.


Batman Jigsaw

Jigsaws are always great fun because the end result is artistic and rewarding. This Batman jigsaw is a good choice because let’s face it; who doesn’t love Batman? There is also Batman Jigsaw 2 for your child to play once they have completed this one.


Creepy Castle

Scooby Doo has been a popular choice amongst many children for years and years now. This game really gets into the concept of the show. In this game your child will play the popular dog as he tries to find the rest of the gang. Nevertheless, as is always the case with Scooby Doo, there are some nasty monsters along the way. Your child will have to pick up different objects and use them to get the monsters and ghosts away.


Toonix: Spot the Difference

It is usual the simple games that provide children with the greatest level of entertainment. Spot the difference games have a very simple concept yet are highly popular. Your child will spend hours on end trying to note the differences between the pictures featured in this Toonix game.


Big Shot Checkers

Checkers is not usually a game you would associate with children. However, this version brings a lot more fun to the equation. Furthermore, checkers is very a strategic and often difficult game to play. Therefore, Big Shot Checkers is unlikely to have your children shouting that they are bored within a mere five minutes.


Fast and Flurrious

If your little one is looking for some fast fun then this Powerpuff Girls game is definitely the best game for your child. Your daughter will be able to pick a Powerpuff Girl and have fun on the slopes.



These seven games are assured to provide fun in your absence. What game will your child play first?