Last Updated on August 14, 2017

When little ones start walking, there are many safety precautions you need to take to make sure that nothing hurts them while they are exploring. As your child learns to walk, you will be amazed by how fast he or she can be! This is why it is imperative to make sure that every room in your home is safe for your adventurous little tyke!


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Precautions You Need When Your Little One Starts Walking

Little tots who have just started walking can be surprisingly fast which is why you need to step up safety precautions and childproofing your home. Here are a few ways to ensure your little one’s safety while he or she walks around and explores her world:


  • Remove furniture with sharp corners: One of the most common causes of injuries on little kids is tables and chairs with sharp corners. Lacerations around the eyebrow area are very common among little kids who are learning to walk.
  • Remove unsteady furniture: If you have wobbly furniture that can easily topple over, get rid of them! Your little tot will probably look for support while walking so you need to make sure that there is something sturdy to hold on to.
  • Remove cords and wires: You need to make sure that all trailing wires and cords are removed so that your child does not trip while walking around. Tripping can cause serious injury so check all rooms properly.
  • Get safety gates: You should also make sure that safety gates are installed at the top as well as the bottom of the stairs in your house. This will prevent nasty accidents!
  • Remove objects from the floor: If you have older kids, always tell them to pick up their toys and put them away when their little brother or sister is walking around. This is another way to make sure that your little one is safe from harm.
  • Install swimming pool fences: If you have a pool in the backyard, be sure to fence it adequately to ensure your child does not climb over or venture into the pool when playing unsupervised.