When there is a pool around, you can expect fun and good times. You can also expect parents to worry. It is important to have plans in place to keep children safe in sound pools. A safety fence is a vital part of this plan. Whether you already have the pool or are looking to get one, safety needs to be a top priority. There are different types and styles to choose from but they all have one feature in common. A pool fence will give you peace of mind, and keep your loved ones safe. Having a fence is a must for any home with children or individuals that cannot swim. They give you added security and save you from worry. In addition to this, there are a number of reasons that a pool fence will benefit you and your home.

Why Should You Have a Pool Fence?

  • Privacy: Most backyards are open for people to see. When you have a pool fence, you get a little extra privacy around the pool area. Those who feel self-conscious feel better. Plus, not many like the idea of having neighbors watching them swim.
  • It’s the Law: Unprotected pools are associated with many hazards. For this reason, many places are making it a law to have a safety fence for pools. This may be a requirement where you live, so it is important to check on this along with any other pool regulations. We can help you with a pool fence estimate as well as make sure you have all the coding information required.
  • Convenience: Pool covers are not always easy to operate. And they are not always safe. You have to remove and replace them every time you go for a swim. With a pool fence, there is little effort required. All you have to do is make sure the gate is locked on your way in and out. Make sure the locking system is high enough that children cannot reach it.
  • Insurance Savings: Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, a pool fence can save you money. Many insurance companies even require a fence for all pools. In most cases, the fence needs to have a bolted gate.
  • Flexibility: One thing that must be adhered to is the fence height. Most cities have regulations regarding this. Outside of that, there are many designs and styles of fencing you can choose from. You can opt for a design that offers maximum privacy and choose your materials. As long as there are no gaps big enough for children to fit through, you have great flexibility in your design.
  • Protects Pets: Not all dogs can swim, so a pool fence helps keep your pets safe as well as your children. Many fences can also be designed with sturdy materials to prevent dogs from clawing through.


If you have a pool or want to get one installed, you must also consider the pool fence. These are essential for safety and can help keep unwanted animals and debris from the pool too. For peace of mind, reach out to us for an estimate on a reliable pool safety fence.