Last Updated on April 19, 2017

A pool cover can cause plenty of danger if it is not done right. Ultimately the danger is caused to the person or pet that happens to fall into the covered pool. Without the right covering the person or pet can die or get badly injured. Therefore, you should take precautions in selecting the right type of pool cover.


Using a mesh safety cover that is made of nylon is easily anchored down onto the deck on an above ground pool or into the concrete of an inground pool. Make sure that the water level is at least 18 inches below the cover and you will find that the mesh cover will be able to hold up to hundreds of pounds.

Hard Cover

This type of cover will vary. You want to select one that comes with an automatic pool cover pump which allows the snow or rain to drain off the cover easily. Other types of hard covers can still be dangerous or will require a lot of maintenance.

Automatic pool cover

This type of cover is built into the pool when it is built but you can also refit it into another pool. It prevents the pool water from evaporating and from the chemical from escaping. It maintains heat within the pool and is probably one of the safest type of covers to get.

Without the right type of cover you can experience great danger within the pool. If you simply have a tarp over the pool then you may want to consider changing it because it is one of the most dangerous type of covers to have. Avoid using a soft cover, but these are not as dangerous if you place exercise balls or tire tubes on the top to prevent the water from freezing underneath and from injuring someone.