Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Many people have put up recreational pools in their homes nowadays. Much as many of these people prefer to build in-ground swimming pools, there are those who are of the view that above-ground pools are affordable and more suited to their tastes and preferences. In either of these cases, there are certain maintenance needs that are always associated with keeping the pools in a good condition for swimming. When the swimming season comes to an end, it’s important to close or cover the pool in such a way that it remains clean and protected till the next season. Therefore, a winter pool cover is of great importance when it comes to winter pool maintenance.


Protecting a swimming pool using a winter cover

Winterizing a pool in most instances involves adding specific chemicals to water so as to prevent freezing and also inhibit any possibility of algae growth. During this time, pumps are turned off and circulation equipments that are used for filtration are disconnected and dried. Since the water in the pool will not be filtered and circulated any more, it’s important to limit the infiltration of debris and dirt. That is why the use of winter pool covers is not an aspect that you can choose to overlook.


Types of winter pool covers that you can buy 

Whereas pools covers are much similar in terms of design and purpose, in-ground pool covers are quite different from above ground pool covers in terms of how they are held in place. An above-ground cover is ideally placed over the pool and then tightened through other mechanisms which make sure it’s perfectly in place. You can also get an automatic pool cover if you have a regular shaped pool. If you have an irregular shape of pool, the best pool covers are the Meyco pool covers which could be made to any shape or size.