Last Updated on April 19, 2017

large swimming pool

Swimming is a wonderful exercise that most people enjoy. Whether it’s in a pool, a lake, or an ocean, most will agree there are many ways to relax in the water. Reducing stress and maintaining a healthy physic are all benefits of swimming regularly.


Maybe you’re searching for the perfect place to swim over a nice vacation? With a wide variety of choices it can be difficult to make a decision. There are a lot of places that have pools, many of which have activities you and your family can do together. Yet there is one place that has a pool so large, so stunning, that it would be detrimental to not buy a ticket and check it out. Plus this pool offers unique activities most hotels don’t offer simply because of its large size.


If you truly love the water then look no further than the world’s largest man-made swimming pool. Measuring in at over 3,000 feet, with an estimated 115 ft depth, and taking nearly five years to complete construction this incredible pool stretches out across almost 20 impressive acres of land owned by San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Algarrobo, Chile and is filled with about 66 million gallons of water. Salt water is pumped in from the ocean, keeping the pool from becoming overly chlorinated.


So how exactly does one filter a pool this large? A unique patent was designed by biochemist Fernando Fischmann. He used his company, Crystal Lagoons, to build it. The pool’s water is kept clean and clear using the Pacific Ocean’s natural filtration system, which allows for the temperature to be kept almost ten degrees warmer than the ocean itself. In summer, the pool can reach temperatures up to 80 degrees.


Such an impressive sight does not come without considerable expense. The man-made pool’s construction cost an estimated $2 billion to build and cost almost double that for the initial cost of the filtration system alone. There is also a yearly maintenance fee of $4 million.


Visitors can enjoy a number of activities in the crystal blue water including scuba diving, jumping on an inflatable trampoline, renting a paddleboat, float along in a giant water-walking ball, sail a boat, or enjoying a nice leisure swim. There is also a deck for sunbathing as well for those that are not interested in swimming. For children, there are a number of fun activities to keep them occupied. These include but are not limited to: yoga classes, aqua fitness, dance, and different championships.


The San Alfonso del Mar Resort also offers activities outside of the water. Choose from bike rides, bingo nights, art exhibits, or enjoy a play performed by a local theater group. After nightfall, travelers can enjoy a fine dining experience or perform some karaoke. There are also impressive music recitals and dancing dinners.


Visitors can enjoy a recreated tropical stay along the private beaches of San Alfonso del Mar Resort anytime of the year. Many of the rooms offer large balconies with spectacular views of both the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. Those who choose to visit the hotel can also walk along the heated sand or get a water-jet massage for optimal relaxation. No matter what the activity, San Alfonso has something for everyone.


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