This fence is designed for toddlers age 1 to 4.
Depending on your back yard area, anywhere from 18″ to 36″ away from the inside edge of the pool.
This fence can be installed in your lawn. A 24″ long dirtspike is used in place of the deck sleeves used in deck installations. The dirtspike is driven into the lawn and the top of the dirtspike acts as the receptor sleeve for the stainless steel rod. This dirtspike is an optional item that can be purchased on our web site or by phone.
Easy installation instructions are provided with every order.
You will need a Rotary Drill, 5/8″ masonry drill bit(s), tape measure(s) and other small hand tools (See Instructions).

All necessary hardware is included to do a complete installation into your deck. If you order our drill guide you will get your $180 deposit back when you return the item to us.

The holes for our system are 5/8″ in diameter and approximately 4″ deep.

Each section is 12′ long and weighs approximately 12 lbs.

The poles are spaced at 36″ intervals. Each section has 5 poles.

Our pool fence is the safest “do it yourself” system we have ever seen both structurally and mechanically. Our polyester mesh fabric is extremely strong and totally transparent. You will know where your children are and where they aren’t at one glance. Our reinforced T-6 marine grade aluminum poles with stainless steel screws and 36″ pole spacing help keep this fence system tight, which in turn helps prevent children from penetrating this system. However, no system is 100% absolute. It is imperative for parents and guardians to understand that no system is a substitute for adult supervision.

A 200 lbs. adult could lean against the fence, but the fence is designed for children, not adults.

The poles are made of marine-grade T6 aluminum, reinforced internally with Schedule 80 PVC pipe and a stainless steel pin. Nothing on this fence can rust.

We recommend hosing the fence down as often as you wish with a good spray nozzle. A mild detergent or vinegar can be used to remove spots.

Removal is very easy for any normal-sized adult. Removal requires average height, strength, and leverage that children don’t possess. Just follow the instructions!

The fence comes with 6-year warranty to the original owner.

Our very transparent safety mesh is not designed to keep animals out of the pool area. However, ChildGuard® has developed a removable fence that is very PET RESISTANT. You have to choose our Pet Mesh if you want a stronger mesh.

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