Our mesh pool fence is made with the same durable materials and top-notch craftsmanship that you expect from Guardian Pool Fence Systems. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can install the fence in no time, without the need for professional installation.

ChildGuard® provides the best in innovation and convenience. For those looking for Do-It-Yourself Pool Fence systems, ChildGuard® has some of the best available.


One of the best aspects of our pool fences is they are easy to install. We offer easy assembly instructions on our website that make it easy to set up your pool fence system. This ensures your family receives the best protection. An added bonus is the pool fences are removable and are just as easy to remove as they are to install. 

Further, these fences offer some of the best safety features available. All fences have a self-closing, self-latching gate. The patented removable gate design provides the perfect centerpiece and security for the mesh fencing. The fences also are climb resistant and do not have crossbars on the fence or gate. This provides your family with the best safety features available for pool fence systems. 

ChildGuard® has extensive experience designing and building removable pool systems. With over 30 years of experience, customers know they are receiving the best in quality. Furthermore, ChildGuard® stands behind each of their do-it-yourself pool systems by offering a 6-year warranty. The warranty covers any defects that may arise from workmanship or material deterioration. 


  • REMOVABLE: ChildGuard® is easy to set up and removable. You can set it up and take it down in mere minutes.

  • SAFEST POOL GATE: Our self-closing and self-latching gate can be locked with a key for extra security.

  • TWO TYPE OF MESH: For those seeking maximum durability, we recommend our pet-resistant Pet Mesh. Alternatively, we also offer a regular safety mesh, equally strong and reliable in keeping your pool area secure.

  • COLOR CHOICES: Our fences come in four colors so you can easily match the landscaping in your backyard.

  • DURABLE: ChildGuard® fence is a very sturdy design. We offer a 6-year warranty* on our DIY pool fence systems.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: ChildGuard® pool fences are designed specifically for EASY INSTALLATION, perfect for customers who love do-it-yourself projects.

“This is the best investment we have ever made. It provides us with great peace of mind, it is really well made and is easy to remove and replace. Thanks for a great product.”


“I contacted you for a pool fence for my parent’s house. My dad used you guys and the pool fence looks great”

Brian Van Anne, Fresno CA

“You were correct once I started it was pretty easy to install. It’s a nice product it looks pretty good and is keeping the baby away from the pool no problem. Once I saw how the fence was going to look I changed my original plan to only install it on three sides of the pool. I decided to attach the fence to an existing vinyl fence that runs around my patio. Thanks”