Dirt Spike


Used when there is no decking in the dirt ground. It is driven into the ground and serves as a sleeve in soil. Total length is 23 inches. Made out of PVC.

If You Need A Complete Pool Fence System:


Introducing our innovative ground sleeve solution, designed specifically for situations where decking is not an option. This unique product is perfect for creating a stable, secure foundation for your outdoor structures, even on uneven or dirt ground.

Our ground sleeve is constructed from durable PVC material, ensuring long-lasting strength and resistance to wear and tear. It measures 23 inches in total length, providing ample depth to ensure stability and security.

The ground sleeve is easy to install, simply drive it into the ground and use it as a sleeve for our pool fence. 

With its reliable performance and ease of installation, you can rest assured that your ChildGuard® will be stable and secure for years to come.

Order now and experience the ease and convenience of our reliable, high-quality product.

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